KIPGANG - Plug Life
Hardcopy CD £5 (£1.99 P&P)
Brand new limited edition jewel case CD of the 4th KIPGANG album "Plug Life"
Billy Boi - Broken Mirror LP
Limited Edition Hardcopy £5 (£1.99 P&P)
One of the only hardcopies left of the brand new 11 track hiphop LP from KIPGANG member Billy Boi
Society - Obsessive Lyric Disorder
Limited Edition Hardcopy £5 (£1.99 P&P)
Grab yourself an exclusive hardcopy of KIPGANG member Society's debut mixtape "Obsessive Lyric Disorder"
Spookasonic - Cash In Hand
Exclusive Signed Hardcopy £5
Exclusive Signed Hardcopy edition! Make sure to leave a note of who you want it made out to!
KIPGANG - Fifth Element
Hardcopy CD £5
The third KIPGANG album in Exclusive Hardcopy CD format
KIPGANG - Don't Sleep On Us
Hardcopy CD £5
The first KIPGANG album in Exclusive Hardcopy CD format

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