@JustBNE63 x @TheCloudOfH – Overcast (Review)

Available worldwide on all digital streaming platforms and Limited edition hardcopies are also available HERE

HB are unlike any other current UK duos, some of you may be yet discover their raw power and if thats true for you then you need to press play on the Spotify album below as you read this. “Overcast” is the latest offering to drop on Newcastle’s well known Stay Freezin Records and in all honesty may be the best release thus far.

The reason HB stand out amongst a sea of other northern talent is their ability to create well structured songs that enable you to jump into the many emotions of each verse, the mood changes of each hook and bring you through the other side.

To match this talent for song structure they both dip and dive across each beat with relentless flows delivered in a northern growl. This project (As are HB) is unapologetic in its northern pride. Anyone with an ear for true music will be willing to look passed the broad accents and embrace the content, delivery and mood of their creations.

One of the stand out tracks from the project for me personally is “Dead Mates”, a killer northern hook and some real gritty lyricism make this one of the most fierce tracks on “Overcast”. The way each artist trades blows with fast, precise flows leaves me with only one question, is there anyone in the northern scene that can match this two bar for bar? Check out the official video below:

Whether you pay attention to the scene further than London or not, i can guarantee after listening to this album from start to finish you will be surprised to find that there is more than a handful of talented individuals up in the northern quarters. This album is but a small piece of the rich tapestry that HB have woven over the last few years. To support the release of “Overcast”, Just B also graced JDZmedia with possibly one of the best Spitfire freestyles that the channel has seen this year! Check it out below

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