@Rhymeskeemz – Inside Out (Out Now)

Available on all digital platforms HERE

Flash back to 11 years ago, the local music scene consisted of mainly drum & bass artists and DJs, no one really getting known for hiphop locally that stood out against the crowd. Through mutual friendship circles I met Rhymeskeemz at a point where neither of us had the quality of life that we needed. From first impressions, this guy was kind of shy, friendly but meant business. Once I heard him spit I knew he was different to everyone else in the ends at that time.

Skip forward some years later, after a few music videos, appearances and freestyles he dropped his project “ill gotten gains” in 2013. With a limited run of hardcopies and a launch party at The Cellar that included support performances from Black The Ripper, Skinnyman, Rodney P and more. By this point he had found some initial local buzz with his tracks “Misundastood” (visual on GRM Daily) and the ever powerful “They Call Me (Skeemaleema)” (visual on Delahaye TV). As well as the project was received it was far from the complete package, maybe it was down to the timing or maybe it just wasn’t written in the stars at this point. The album became a local myth, with only a handful of people having a hardcopy and it never being released digitally.

The next few years provided a handful of singles, numerous local and national bookings rubbing shoulders with the elite of UK hiphop. From the day we first met all those years ago I will admit I didn’t see the fire in his eyes until 2017. Whether it be due to maturity, issues outside of music or simply timing, Rhymeskeemz was now blossoming into his own persona.

Today marks a special occasion not just for him, the producers, features, fans, family and friends but for the whole Oxford music scene. “Inside Out” is a stunning body of work, carefully planned and perfected from the first second to the very last. Skeemz has managed to blend the balance of real life content, hard hitting beats and yet still clean cut, radio friendly music.

Never in the history of urban music in Oxford has an artist produced such a well rounded album, each track providing a key piece of the puzzle. The greatest part being the fact that the album has had a proper release this time round. Official videos crisper than new bank notes (filmed and edited by Sam De La Haye), numerous batches of high quality hardcopies (provided by ourselves), digital release on all major platforms via DLH Records and let’s not forget the official launch party this Saturday at Oxfords o2 Academy. (TICKETS HERE)

Rhymeskeemz is guaranteed a lot of continued attention and career elevation off the back of this project. As someone that has known him both on a personal and professional level for over decade, my only advice is jump in to the world of Skeemz and witness history in the making!

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