The Prime Meridian Project (EP Review)

The Prime Meridian Project is a link up between UK rapper G Bones and Canadian wordsmith Anonymous that oozes with raw hiphop, anger, wit and groove. Most of the so called “hiphop” projects that get dropped nowadays although creative in their own way, do not bring the same feeling that this EP does. From start to finish this project is packed to the brim of venomous flows, both rappers spewing tornado speed flows and emotions over hard hitting beats.

The contrast between the accents works beautifully on every track, just as you settle in with the Canadian lyricism of Anonymous, G Bones comes in with a typically English accent and a lyric pad full of flames! One of my personal choices from this 8 track bar-fest is Take You Down which also features Lingo. With a catchy, melodic hook and verses straight from lava spewing volcanos, it is definitely one of the high points for me.

I don’t want to reveal too much about it before you have chance to listen for yourselves but overall, The Prime Meridian Project is a solid collection of work from two very different yet very similar artists. I would personally recommend this to any hiphop fan and urge you to go download it or grab a hardcopy!

Beat Producer Credits: Anno Domini, Syko Beats, Sero Produktions, MisterKA Beats, Retnik Beats, Sourze Musik, Troy la High Beats, Syndrome Beats.

Hardcopies available worldwide (UK stock provided by Knowledge Is Power Promotions land next week)

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