Deal Of The Month: 7 Days Radio Plugging + 3 Days Promo, Just £40!

Every month this year we at Knowledge Is Power are going to bring a new deal for the all the talented artists, producers and independent brands that are trying to elevate themselves in 2018.

To kick off 2018, the January offer is 7 days of radio plugging and 3 days of promotion.

The radio plugging package consists of: a Mass mailout to our DJ/Radio station/Show Producer/Host network, promotion for any confirmed spins and a radio rip of said airplay (where possible) sent to your email for upload to your soundcloud etc.

The 3 days of promotion consists of: daily sharing of your latest mixtape/album/video via our social media platforms (Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp networking groups etc) to help gain you views/streams/downloads and hopefully a handful of new followers/fans!

We are happy to bring you this duo for just £40 this January!

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Grab yourself this offer below:

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