3 New Previews From “Plug Life”

As some of you may already know we have been working on the 4th KIPGANG release for quite a while now and after numerous line up changes, name changes and more, we finally have a finished product! We will soon be announcing the release date for this free mixtape and hope that you support it just as much as you did the last 3!

Recently on a special edition of his Don City radio show, Minkles span 3 of the tracks from the release to wet your appetites for the full thing!

“Kraken” Ft Snoopa, Billy Boi, Chemz, Zohan, Zulu, Lord Leng & Swiftz (Prod. By Kronzy)

“Time Is Money” Ft Billy Boi, Pupps, Miz & Paradox (Prod. By BCN)

“Can’t Chat To Me” Ft Eljay, Adeeks, Critical C, Chemz, Rame, Billy Boi, Koolie, Luciferian, Crags, Meta, Minkles & Jabz (Prod. By Mistakay)

If you missed any of the other KIPGANG projects you can find them below:

Fifth Element (2015) DOWNLOAD HERE

Awake (2015) DOWNLOAD HERE

Don’t Sleep On Us (2014) DOWNLOAD HERE

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