#KIPGANG – Fifth Element (Free Album)

This is the third album from Knowledge Is Power Promotions and our team of producers and artists. It’s been 2 years since we put together our first team and after a variety of changes and additions to our creative line up we finally have the strongest team of artists we have ever had.
The team releases started off with our debut album “Don’t Sleep On Us” (Available to download for free HERE or stream HERE). After the initial success of our first release we then set to work again and dropped our second album “Awake” in April of 2015 (Available to download for free HERE or stream HERE). This third album is what we have been working on since then and i can honestly say it is our strongest to date.We brought along a list of top features including the likes of Vader, Dialect, Row D, Killa P, Jon E Clayface, Ten Dixon, Jookie Mundo and many more to show any potential new fans that we have plenty of cosigns in the elite of the uk scene and we put in just as much work as the rest of them!

All tracks written by Billy Boi, Meta, Terra Montana, Crags, Society, TM & Strategy Ki (Except features)
2015 – Knowledge Is Power Promotions
Catalogue No. KIP003
released December 26, 2015


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