@Young_Rage – Rise Of The Real (Free Mixtape)

so any of you who have been on our soundcloud or follow us on twitter will already know who Young Rage is and how powerfull his take on uk hip hop is. A few of the tracks of his on our soundcloud such as “My Journey” (http://soundcloud.com/knowledge-is-power-promo/young-rage-my-journey-ft-frass) , “The Struggle” (http://soundcloud.com/knowledge-is-power-promo/young-rage-the-struggle-ft) , “Wheres The Truth” (http://soundcloud.com/knowledge-is-power-promo/young_rage-wheres-the-truth) and “Take Care” (http://soundcloud.com/knowledge-is-power-promo/so-take-care-ft-young-rage) all feature on this album alongside some other huge bangers! download this for free now and let him know what you think by tweeting him @Young_Rage DOWNLOAD RISE OF THE REAL HERE

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