May Deal
5 days of social media promotion for your music video/freestyle/track, An upload of your track to our Soundcloud & Bandcamp pages & A free mailout to our ever expanding mailing list of DJ's, MC's, Producers, Labels and more. This package would normally be £70 but thanks to our Deal Of The Month you can get it yourself for just £40!!

EP/Mixtape Release
This service is for anyone looking for an entertainment brand or website to host the release of their project. We host a lot of releases ranging from Instrumental releases to hiphop, grime and even DJ Mixes. If your looking for and established platform to release your music via then this is the service for you.
Mass Mailouts
Your product will be sent out to our mailing list which consists of hundreds of DJ's, Bloggers, Music Fans, Label contacts, talent scouts, Media Channels, Radio Stations and more. The emails will include a review and pitch for your product along with any links or required information you wish to accompany it. Your product will be sent to all contacts on our mailing list or if you want it directed to a certain group for example just DJ's for airplay that can be easily arranged.
Social Media Management
£50 Per Week
Are you an artist that struggles to keep up with the constant supply and demand of your social media accounts? If so then this is the service for you! For £50 per week we will run 1 of your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc) and for an extra £10 per account we can even run them all on your behalf to ensure your pages are hitting the righ avenues in your chosen market
General Promo Package
£25 for 3 days, £50 for 7 days
(Not including Mail outs & Review service) If you are an up and coming artist or simply want someone regularly pushing your name, material or product via social media and word of mouth then this is the service for you. We will help spread any new or existing work of yours to your specified audience on a daily basis to help you gain more fans and listeners. 3 days
7 days
EP/Mixtape Campaign
£50 Per Week
Full scale campaign including flyering (Please note we do not supply you with flyers, please see our graphic design prices below for the creation of flyers however you will need to get them printed yourself or pay the fee of printing if arranged via us), daily promotion across our social media accounts, mailing list members will receive approximately 2 emails a week pitching your product. Submission to other blogs and promotion platforms across the Internet. If wanted your release can also be uploaded to our Soundcloud page for maximum exposure.
Music Video
£300 (Includes Travel Cost)
Do you want a top quality visual director to shoot your next music video? If so then this is the service for you, taken care of by DelahayeTV. Full access to Ronin DJI steady cam and more, for drone usage please contact us directly.
Graphic Design
£25 (Price may vary dependant on clients specifications)
Are you in need of a professionally designed mixtape or album cover or even flyer for your project/event? Have our design team work with you side by side to create you a custom design. You can have whatever you want on it within reason and our designer will work to meet your exact project specifications to ensure full satisfaction
Release/Product Review
Full length review of your album/EP/mixtape/Product including all relevant links, videos, photos. Track by track review and personal recommendation including rating out of ten. A good way of promoting your release/product and giving people the chance to understand what you and your product are all about before downloading it and coming to their own conclusion.
CD Duplication
£1.50 Per Unit
Do you need hardcopy CD's printing? Look no further we can offer full support with this for £1.50 per unit. Minimum order of 25 units. Choose between classic wallets, jewel cases or cardboard sleeves. Printing takes between 3 and 5 working days then delivered via courier (Postage fee of £9). Get in touch via our contact page to place your order
Out Door £200, Studio Shoot £500
Do you want a top quality visual director to take some shots of you to use for your portfolio? If so then this is the service for you, taken care of by DelahayeTV. Full access to studio if needed, for more information please contact us directly.

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