@Comprehend101 – Current State Of Affairs (Review)

A few weeks back we were introduced to a passionate young artist from Leicester by the name of Comprehend, a positive attitude driven rapper with a great vision of the world. You maybe remember us informing you that his latest release “Current State Of Affairs” had dropped and to go check it out, who actually took the time to have a listen?

This project was a joy to represent let alone listen to, with the infectious melody and hard hitting realism of the opening track “This System” being a great way to start this positive journey of a project. However, one of the shining stars of this project for me personally is the second track “Crooked From The Start” featuring Pedro. The production on this track has a very 80’s feeling to it with both artists trading verses throughout, make sure you keep an eye out for the forthcoming music video for it coming to a screen near you very soon!

As we hit the mid way point of the EP, “Tough Love” kicks in and takes you into the mind of Comprehend on a deeper level. This track alone has already received numerous accolades among his following, mainly down to the brilliant visual for it which you can view below:
[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToIuGFBdwcw[/embedyt]

The project ends with two very strong pieces of work, the first “Run Away” see’s Comprehend reminisce on the changes that have taken place throughout his life thus far and how hes felt during those times. Its rare nowadays for an artists to fully open themself up to critique in regards to their own life but Comprehend offers this up on a plate with the most brutal honesty.

The final track brings the release to the perfect close with a conscious yet hard hitting view on the world from the eyes of Comprehend and fellow artist Young Springer. Over all this project reflects the many commendable aspects of Comprehend and his personality, from serious self criticisms to positive, uplifting music that makes you feel good about yourself. His talent isn’t going un-noticed as shown with his recent slot supporting UK rap giant Lowkey live in Leicester.

We urge you to keep a close eye on Comprehend and to support this release, hit him up direct and grab a hardcopy off him! You can grab the project from iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer and many more by clicking HERE

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