@Airklipz – The L.I.F.E Mixtape (Review)

Now, you may or may not of heard of hiphop/rap artist Airklipz before but i can certainly guarantee that after hearing this project you will keep a very close eye on him and his movements. Hailing from the UK capital, Airklipz is not your average Londoner that raps. With roots and history in Lagos, New York, Chicago, Houston and Accra to name a few, he brings many cultures and viewpoints into his craft in his own unique fashion.

“L.I.F.E” is his last mixtape before the release of his forthcoming album “Black Jesus” and stands for “Living In Fear Everyday”. Airklipz has been putting in a solid amount of work and projects for many a moon now and after hearing this latest mixtape i took the time to listen back to some of his previous work, i highly recommend you do this also by clicking HERE

This latest release from Airklipz is exactly what it comes across as; hardhitting, revolutionary and in your face with honest lyricism and more swagger than than your estates most notorious. The perfect way to start off a project like this is with an opening track such as “Jesus Said” which then flows perfectly into the second track “Don’t Expect Anything”. Airklipz brings substance to his gritty artform without overshadowing actual vibes and playback factor of each tune, i find myself listening to each tune a few times out of sheer audible enjoyment throughout the whole project.

One thing i have noticed about L.I.F.E is its astounding ability to be harsh, reality rap but still with enough of a backbone to be listened to around family members, i mean i wouldn’t recommend playing it around your elders (Unless their from the struggle and represent it) but as i listen to “The Ghetto Heaven Theory” my daughter is stood 3 feet away, bopping and dancing to the track (Shes not easy to impress either so well done Airklipz).

One of my personal highlights of the whole mixtape is the track “Fugazi” which features Lace & Wiser Don. This is Airklipz very own ode to the horrific tragedy that took place in London at Grenfell Towers. This track is definitely a shining star in an album full of passion, truth and vibes. It is also accompanied by a haunting but poweful visual which you can check out via the well respected Chiba Visuals below:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-Ds93bJ6Mw[/embedyt]

In short, L.I.F.E is an astounding project that touches on many subjects deemed “too real” to be touched by 80% of the artists we find ourselves listening to in this day and age. I urge any hiphop or rap fan, in fact ANY HUMAN full stop, to download and stream this project and enter the mind of the one and only, Airklipz.

All tracks produced by Session 600, Jammy Git, Illternal Beats, Coldblooded Beats, Jimmy Screech and Sleepy Time Ghost.
All tracks Recorded And Mixed by Jammy Git And Session 600
All Lyrics Written By Airklipz
All Tracks Mastered By Dr Kay for Smartmonkii Studios
©2017 Parachute Entertainment

You can stream and download the release from his bandcamp page below:

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