@Kwak_Zino – 2 Legit 2 Quit (Out Now!)

We urge you to take a minute and sit down with this huge new project from Kwakzino! Put simply, This is how you make a project with a positive message without sugarcoating it. From start to finish this unique artist approaches each track with the same hunger and passion that his lyrics portray, in my eyes one of the best releases of recent times.

The project kicks off with a touch of class in the form of the “2 Legit 2 Quit” which seems to be not just a motto but a mentality for this talented artist. Everyone ive spoken to about Kwakzino has confirmed that he genuinely is too Legit! From his work with youth projects around his area to mentoring and supporting up and coming artists, you could do a lot worse than have him as a role model.

Into the second track and already the vibes and flows are switching up more times than a Kanye West moodswing chart. Diz P seriously went on gully with the production for this one with is perfectly complimented by Kwakz stern flow and uplifting content. Some of you may listen and not see how his content is uplifting but put simply, you are not listening to it correctly if you can’t hear it!

As we hit the first few bars of “Journey” you can hear the pain that Kwakz has been through but unlike most he “had to make a change to make a change”. The next few tracks including a feature from Steamer, are such an easy flowing, enjoyable project that for a minute i completely zoned out and into the audio pool that Kwakz has created. Soothing to the soul but still gritty for the mind to digest.

One of my personal favorites of the project is “Blessed” which almost has an early CasIsDead vibe to it. All in all this release perfectly showcases the skill, desire, passion and optimism that Kwakzino clearly approaches his whole life with. He is one seriously clued up artist and his music does nothing but benefit from this, making him one of the most exciting yet conscious artists in the underground scene in 2017.

Please take the time to support his music and grab the project today

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