Knowledge Is Power Promotions is a unique brand that provides a variety of cheap services for musicians and brands through the use of social media, industry contacts and word of mouth. We offer a range of services including promotion campaigns and packages, reviews, PR, marketing, artist management and much more.


Started in 2006 by founder and sole owner Jack Matthews, KIP has branched out into the urban music scene, providing services for an endless list of well known artists, DJ's, Producers and collectives. We have gained recognition from some of the biggest names in the uk grime scene and continue to make new networking contacts and affiliates


We pride ourselves on providing premium services for cheap prices with our main aim being to help the scene grow and bring some underground talent to the forefront of the industry and gain the client new fans and exposure for their music/product.


As a company we continue to grow and build our creative force on a daily basis. We are not aiming to become the next big platform for music promotion and services, put simply our main aim is to work with big names in the urban scene and provide copious amounts of good music for all the listeners out there.


We also provide our own Independant releases and release exclusive compilations to help bring forward unknown artists and give free music to the fans that keep the scene going strong. Some of our more successful releases include: Hard Vs Yard mixed by Likkle Platinum blending uk grime with UK/JA dancehall artists, The Vault mixed by DJ Odie and hosted by Vader which was released in memory of the late Joshua "Depzman" Ribera, Survival featuring English Frank, Timbar, Scumfam, Invasion Alert, MDR, Opiffawana, Jayeye, Benny Blanko and many more.


You can grab all our releases and much more via our blog


We've also work for/worked with such names as:


DJs - DJ Odie (Wavey FM), DJ Likkle Platinum, DJ Flaco Flash (USA), Ekoe Beats, Beatwrecka, Face, DJ Big Mikee, Scruloose, Refix (Wavey FM), Ferrisoi, KDubz, Recon, Rapture 4D, Mistakay, Dubzta & More


Artists - Roachee, Vader (Invasion), Depzman (Invasion), Tabanacle, Jamakabi, Riko Dan, Fangol, Koder, Ak (Scumfam), Xtra, Killa P, Traumatik (Dark Elements/Overload Squad/StickyLemons), Don Andre, Ten Dixon (W.A.V.E/Minarmy), Young Rage, Talapaton, Zeo, Proton (Badside), Spookasonic, Leeroy Grudge (Gritty Substances), Nolay, Izzie Gibbs, Pakin (Japan), Chemz, Kriptik, Positive Vibes Crew, Billyboi, Rhymeskeemz, Benny Blanko, MDR, Opiffawana, Young Spide, Potluck, Solow Brown (USA), Dexter, Aikz, Timbar, Sox (Invasion), Jaykae (Invasion), Subzee (FRB), Kdot (Scumfam), Terra Montana, Kannan (Scumfam) Villain Bo (USA), Flexplicit, Xp, Bigz, Savage, Rhymestein, Tali, Dialect, Society, Illinformed, Row D, Hitman (Invasion), Strika, JB, Flowen, Ransom FA, Skyy Boii & More


Producers - Avery Caines, Meenz, So Real Sounds, Mistakay, Visualist, Hoax Beats, Dubzta, Big Mikee, Skinzmann, Highfonics, Scruloose, Climaks Beats, Emlac, Jon Doh, Blatant, Tiny Temptationz, Darx, RSK, Heckz, Kronzy, Westy, John Brown The Rebel, Dutty Dog, Rapture 4D, Sixty P Beats, Threxxx Productions & More


Collectives - Scumfam, Minarmy, W.A.V.E, Invasion Alert, FRB, Highrise, Setting Pace, Dark Elements, Gritty Substances, F.L.E, Young Guvament, FGM, Highlife, Burst Gang, KRE8-Ink, Positive Vibes Crew, AIM (Alcohol Infused Music), JPU (Jah Protect Us)


Company's - RCTV, Grime Digital, Royal Heir Ent (USA), Feel Good Muzik, NBT Media, FlyOTW, Wavey FM, Crucast, DelaHayeTv, PeakStreet Clothing, Snazz, O2 Academy (Oxford & Sheffield), Flowzone, Duppy & Leave 


Check out what a couple of our clients had to say about us and the services we provide:


During my tenure at Flyotw, Film and Audio specialists, we have worked along side many artists striving to give underground music a chance to be viewed through a professional platform. Much like Knowledge Is Power Promotions, Flyotw's sister project Behind The Beats focuses on unsigned artists. The platform relies on the passion and love for underground music from others to share the content we provide to gain its views and appreciation these artists deserve. Knowledge Is Power Promotions provided our team with exactly this. Utilising their self gained following, contacts and ability to "spread the word", KIP Promotions boosted our subscriber, and content views dramatically over night. The team and I at Flyotw hope to keep working alongside KIP Promotions with the hope we can work together further in the future. - George Hopcraft, Audio And Cinematography (Flyotw)


Knowledge Is Power Promotions provide an excellent service, quick and to the point. Not just the in depth reviews of the music/product from artists but pushing underground artists to their full potential, getting their music heard and played to various people in the industry. I know this will grow and grow, services like this are needed to help get talent the recognition it deserves - Kriptik (F.L.E.)

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